Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where every gray hair on my head comes from...............

Today, is a hard day for me. Today, marks an event that changed my life forever 19 years ago. 
So bear with me and get the kleenex cause you are gonna need it. And yes every gray hair on my head is from him. They have been nicknamed with according dates....

19 years ago today, Augustus Dalton, (a.k.a Monkey man, Blondie, Sunshine, Jose, Gusbuster and little Turd) came into this world. Oh it was trying. I was alone, scared and drugged out of my head. I had not a clue in the world what I was gonna do with a baby. Nope not a clue. All I knew was the boy could eat with the best of them. Did I mention I was drugged out of my head?????

Oh there were times, during his infancy when I wanted to give up. One time stands out in my little head, vividly. He had an massive ear infection. The doctor had given him antibiotics and baby tylenol to take. He would scream uncontrollably for hours. I put him on the dryer so he could sleep and I could as well. Granny found us that day asleep on the dryer and asked me what was next the microwave? I told her she better not wake him up and that no the dishwasher was my next plan. So here we go into the next morning with him screaming in pain. I used 4 tanks of gas driving around Tarrant and Parker counties with him screaming and sleeping and screaming (this folks is how I learned my way around these two counties! need directions, just ask....).. We shall not mention the red lights I ran pretty sure the statue of limitations has run and thank peanuts there were no red light cameras... I had it. I loaded him in the car hoping that the magic of the car would help calm him and drove straight to the doctor's office. I marched in with him screaming. Come on kid you have to lose your voice at some point... Nope not Gusbuster. I handed him to the nurse as she could hear him screaming and promptly told her she could return him when he turned 18 that there was no way I was capable of doing this. She laughed and said now come on let us see why he is screaming. I said NO you can give him back when he is 18. Now the nurse and her counter part had "raised" me and one of them was holding the screamer and the other blocking the door to stop my exit. NOT FUNNY!!! (lesson learned, never use your pediatrician as your child's pediatrician, it will get ugly.) Turns out the medicine well Mr. Gus was allergic to so I took him back. I am glad I did. I would have missed obtaining all these gray hairs on my head. Oh and this is just one of the many many stories of Gus and Me. 

Mostly, I am proud that I never gave up on him. And he never gave up on me. I am proud of who he has become, a young man. He has had many trials and tribulations to over come in his 19 years. Some of them most of us could not even begin to imagine ourselves there. And then there have been the ones that by his decisions he has gone through. None the  less, he has never given up. He is a persistent little fart knocker with the blond hair. He can make you laugh like no other person. He can make you want to smack him like no other person. ( I do not know where he gets it from).

Gus, has been to the bottom and back. He has been in between. He has learned from him momma's mistakes and thank peanut, rainbows and cucumbers he is not a father ( although he tells me he is for shock value ). He has broken my heart so many times, it was easier to keep count of the gray hairs. He has made me tear up with the slightest thing he says. For example the whole pumpkin thing. And the latest "what do you want to do for your birthday?" "uh well I had uh planned on seeing my girlfriend..." OMG OMG OMG ( I am gonna have to give that little well I won't say it but you get it right????) UGHHHHHHHHHH REJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here I sit on your 19th day of life reflecting on some of the stuff that I, your mother, did and wondering how on this planet you are still living... I mean there was the time when Oh I may get it for that one so I won't mention it.... 

So Sunshine, I am proud of you and who you are slowly becoming. I am glad that you have turned out as good as you have. I am glad that you make me laugh, cry and have given me gray hairs ( yes son you and you alone have given me every gray hair on my head ). I am glad that you took that giant step and are in college, and are considering being a fireman. I am glad you finally learned to drive (although that has added to my gray hair collection). I am glad your brothers have you as it is funny when you chew them out for something they did that you did many years ago. I am glad you encourage them to do their best. And I am glad that you tell me from time to time when it gets to rough "you never let me fail mom and I am not gonna let you fail." 

So as you go off into the 19th year of your life, know that no matter how far away you are or what time of day or night it maybe, momma is still there to tell you to nut up, dust yourself off and try again. 

I LOVE YOU AUGUSTUS DALTON!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!