Friday, January 6, 2012

What to do What to do??????

So a week ago, I was preparing to send Blondie off into the wild blue yonder of the world. I had promised my self I would not let him see my cry. This was after all, his decision. But none the less, it was going to be hard. I knew this. So Saturday morning rolled around and off we went to the north. No not to Alaska but Oklahoma half way between Blondie's home and that other place known as Kansas. Well Blondie made it a almost a week before the text messages and calls began with I WANT TO COME HOME or my favorite HOW MUCH IS A TRAIN TICKET? I spoke with him and we discussed and cussed it and decided he would stay until months end. Ok fair and square. He was gonna stick with the plan. Done end of argument.

Until this afternoon. I got a call. Blondie's number came up on my phone. I knew it was unusual so I hurriedly answered it. OK I was in traffic on 30 at the 35 split but I answered it cause well my baby might need me! AND BOY DID HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through the years I have learned the sounds of my monkey's voice when it is something and when it is not. I could hear the tears falling. So I asked him what was wrong and his reply stopped my heart. He told me he was at the hospital and the nurse needed to talk to me. PANIC is not the word for what happened especially at 65 miles an hour.. Ok 75 but who saw my speed o meter??? HUh HUH??? What I thought.... The nurse sweet sounding and motherly like tone explained what she could.... That he had been brought in by ambulance, and that at this time they were waiting on the orthopedic surgeon to read and review the x ray but his foot and ankle were broken and there may be a chance for surgery. HOLD THE BAT PHONE! I am 700 miles from my baby and you are gonna do what when and where? OH I DO NOT THINK SO watch this. I bet my hiney would have made it to Kansas in record time. Ok so at the safe speed I was doing I had by this point missed the 35 North exit.... hmmmmm good thing..... So I gave the nurse the information she needed and she hung up... WAIT PUT BLONDIE BACK ON THE LINE>>>>.....

So I came on home calling honeyboo immediately after hanging up with Blondie and the wait began. It seemed like forever but it was only about an hour. Long short of it, no surgery is needed at this time. It is like a fracture but not completely in two. They call it a "buckle fracture." So here I sit.

Blondie called and to quote " I am done with this place I am coming home one way or another!" Ok ok lovely son I  hear ya, but I am trying... So my quandary is this........ GO GET HIM LIKE A WORRIED MOMMY SHOULD or LET HIM SURVIVE????? UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH

I mean I get it, if he was off in the military, I could not go get him. OH believe me I would try but most likely FAIL epically.... He is only in Kansas so I could go.... But I digress we have to wait for a phone call tomorrow to verify some information BEFORE I can make that mommy decision....

Why oh why does mommyhood have to be this difficult???

Nighty Nite......