Saturday, February 5, 2011

Husbands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Valentine's Days is approaching quickly... To my dear darling male friend foe, what are you getting her this year, diamonds, roses, candy or something more from the heart. Do not get me wrong with three couples teetering on the brink of divorce/separation (uhmmm read my third blog) those things are all wonderful but have you thought about giving her something really special???? Say something from your heart that no money can buy??????
Well at service last week, they were discussing in the marriage series, "how to think about husbands differently." It was an eye opening experience for some of the men when they thought and listened to pastor  say he has thought about what it would be like if god loved him the way he loved his wife. WOW!!!!! Those are powerful words to swallow. Think about it. What if God loved you and tolerated you sometimes, like you do your wife???? We all know that God would not do that but what if he did? I mean have you ever put yourself honestly in her shoes guys???? Have you ever been forced to be her for a day or even less then a day, and manage all the things she has to do and put up with????? Oh we women folk make it look easy for ya, but in reality it is not. I mean how many times have you called her just to say I love you or you are beautiful in the last month. ( I will make it easy on ya as I know the super bowl is just around the corner) Or just to tell her you miss her and wanted to hear her voice? Shocking isn't it??? Kinda hit a nerve huh?? For most of you yes it did. For some of you, you are looking at me like the confused puppy dog thinking well if she does it for me then i will do it for her. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I am certain she will have the same reaction that I did and go "what did you do or what is wrong," but then she will realize how you do love her and care for her and about her. I know it all sounds childish but trust me this little step will get you a lot further then you ever imagined. You have to remember that we women are fickle creatures and need to be lifted up and made to feel like we are special, not princess or queen special that is for a whole other blog but special by you.....She wants to know you are there and not just there but really there... She wants to know you think about her and not just football, food, football, food and then her. Remember I told you that marriage was a compromise and commitment, and it should be a compliment as well. You should hold each other up like gorilla glue holds things. You should never go to bed angry or upset, and never let a day pass where you do not tell each other I love you at least three times. 

So there you have it, tell her you love her and are thinking about her. Skip spending on chocolate as she will just complain she is getting fat, and flowers will wilt, and diamonds well I don't know as I never really like diamonds, now bring me pearls oh lost track..... But you understand fellows she wants you not possessions or material items, she wants you. hey fix her dinner even if it is grilled cheese.......


  1. WOW!! gonna post a link to this on my site. You just hit the nail on the head girl!!!

  2. Jen ... you know I have a good one. Every day this week he has thrown a blanket and my snuggie in the dryer to get them nice and warm ... then covered me with them when I came in from work. Tell your guy readers, that is LOVE.